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Generator DIY, Is it a Good Idea?


In this day and age DIY projects seem to be the way to go. My husband and I are champs when it comes to DIY. We have tons of home projects we have done ourselves, but when it comes to electrical work, that is one project we never recommend doing yourself, especially for a standby generator.

When it comes to finding and installing a generator, there are logistics involved. Your electrician will help assess and calculate the load to ensure you have the proper set up so nothing gets overloaded.

Permits and inspections! Experienced electricians know building codes and what it takes to get the permits required. They also need their worked passed by a final inspection, so you know the job will get done right!

Because generators run off natural gas or propane, a gas line will need to be run. This is not something to do yourself. This needs to be done right to keep everyone safe. A plumber or other mechanical contractor is needed for this to ensure the gas is regulated properly.

When it comes to installing the automatic transfer switch, some require the power to be disconnected from your meter. No homeowner should ever do this themselves!!!! This can be very dangerous and so requires the proper credentials to do so. In fact, in King County the utility company needs to be notified so they can come disconnect and reconnect or your job may not pass inspection.

Bottom line, electricity is that one project many DIYers shy away from, and with good reason. Make sure you find an experienced electrician who knows just what they are doing. And always make sure they are licensed and bonded!! Homes are a HUGE investment, keep it safe and sound and hire a professional.

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