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How to Keep Up Your Generator

Your generator works so hard to keep your life uninterrupted during an outage. A fantastic way to say thank you is to keep up on proper maintenance. You made a big investment, so maintenance is incredibly important!

The best way to make sure your generator is at it's healthiest is to schedule an annual maintenance regardless of how often it is used. Annual check ups with your doctor are always good whether you are feeling sick or not. Strange analogy I know, we are people, generators are not...but think about what happens to your own body without proper maintenance. What happens when you don't get enough sleep or diet starts to consist mainly of fast food? I admit, we fall into this trap in spurts. I also notice how bogged down I feel.

With your generator, this can happen especially when it has ran for over 48 hours without a break. This is a good time to get an electrician, such as us ;), out there to service your equipment and keep it in top shape. It's also a good time to change the oil and filter.

A few things you can do yourself to keep your generator happy and humming:

*Check the oil daily during extended use

*Avoid starting and stopping it while it is under load

*Try to run no more than 75% of it's rated capacity

I know what you are asking yourself about that last one, Why? Didn't I just get this generator to power all my needs?! The answer is yes, but again think about when you run yourself at 100% capacity. You can get bogged down, foggy and just poop out. Don't let that happen during a storm.

What happens during this maintenance?

Glad you asked! When you call us out, you can be assured your generator will receive the best service to keep working for you.

Here is what is included:

  • Replace and properly gap spark plug

  • Replace the air filter

  • Change the oil

  • Change the oil filter

  • Simulate an outage to ensure your generator is ready to go!

Just let us know the make and model number so we can get the proper supplies!

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