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Should I Invest in a Generator?

In Washington state, we have A LOT of trees. Big ones that endure our soggy weather, then the wind picks up showing big trees are no match for oversaturated ground. The tree comes down, then what?

You sit in the dark. Food starts to thaw, you miss your beloved WSU Cougars or Seahawks winning their football games, or you have to deal with typical young voices whining, "I'm bored, can't I just watch cartoons!"

Now think of this situation again, but your generator switches on, and you and your family don't miss a beat!

Generators can be costly, which is often why many people really don't really feel it is worth it. I can understand that. But on the flipside, a generator is a huge investment that can increase your home value. Think for second if your home has a sump pump for the basement. Avoid the additional cost to you or a new potential homeowner of dealing with the clean up from a flood.

Another big return on your investment could be your health. We have known several people that have relied on home medical equipment to get them through their days and nights. Some medical equipment may also require water to function. Are you on a well? That pump at the bottom requires power to get the water to your home. Avoid the possibility of a dire situation by making sure your power stays on!

Do you work from home? I do! Without power, you stand the chance of missing out on hitting deadlines, missing phone conversations with your wonderful customers and keeping your back office up to date. Granted batteries do wonders for laptops and cell phones, but eventually those need to be charged!

These are just some of the reasons to really consider adding a generator to your Home Improvement List.

Intrigued? Next we will take a look at picking the right generator for your needs.

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